Personalized chocolate. Something for your business?

Personalized chocolate is just a little bit more than just fine chocolate. Above all, it is the start of a very pleasant conversation with your customer or business relation. Imagine the feelings in your customer's head and - even more so - in his mouth and heart when he enjoys your personalised chocolate. Yes, your branded chocolate. Because your brand name or logo is clear and unmistakable on it. Further on in this text we will tell you a lot more about those feelings (even why chocolate stimulates love). Be sure to read on, because this information will surprise you in a positive way.


Impress your customers with your personalized chocolate

Your personalized chocolate is guaranteed to impress your customers and your business partners in the hospitality, trade and industry world. As a delicacy with your coffee, as a candy at bedtime or just as a small gift. Chocolate is still the sweetest summum. You have known all along that people say that a man's love goes through his stomach. Well, once you choose CandyCard, you will experience that your customer's love goes through his mouth and stomach. At CandyCard you will find numerous applications of personalized chocolate with your logo that are perfect for your corporate gifts, business gifts and more. Our products include different shapes of printed chocolate with your logo or photo. CandyCard's high definition embellished chocolate is produced in our own factory in Berlaar near Lier. We are a 100% Belgian family business and are proud of our local roots. This allows us to serve our customers very quickly and flexibly.


Discover the top 9 reasons to eat more chocolate... and offer your customers personalized chocolate. (especially point 9 is crucial).

1. Scientific research is still ongoing and experts have already concluded that chocolate is good for the heart, the blood circulation and the brain. Some suggest that chocolate could be beneficial in the face of such major challenges as autism, obesity and diabetes. It is good for the heart and blood circulation: a recent American study shows this.

2. It reduces the risk of a stroke: researchers in Finland have found out this.

3. It is rich in minerals: dark chocolate is full of useful minerals such as potassium, zinc and selenium.

4. It reduces cholesterol: when consuming cocoa it has been shown that the level of 'bad' cholesterol (LDL) decreases and the level of 'good' cholesterol increases.

5. It is good for the skin: the flavonoles in dark chocolate can protect the skin from sun damage. Although it's best not to (completely) replace your sunscreen with chocolate for the time being.

6. It can help to lose weight: really! Neuroscientist Will Clower says that a small square of good chocolate on the tongue, about 20 minutes before a meal, emits hormones in the brain that are related to the feeling of satiety.

7. It's good for mothers and babies: a Finnish study found that chocolate reduced the stress in pregnant women. In addition, the babies of these mothers were more likely to laugh than the offspring of non-chocolate-eating mothers.

8. Chocolate is good for the brain: flavonoles are thought to prevent amnesia in older people, and the anti-inflammatory properties of dark chocolate have been found to be beneficial in treating brain damage, such as concussions.

9. Chocolate makes you feel better: chocolate contains phenylethylamine (C8H11N). That's the same chemical your brain creates when you fall in love! And what could be better than a customer who cherishes positive feelings towards your company and your brand? (Read more about this directly below, because this is really interesting!)


Can personalized chocolate really stimulate your customer's love for your brand or company?

Probably the most important ingredient in chocolate in terms of the effect of chocolate on 'love' is a substance called phenylethylamine. This phenylethylamine is an organic compound and an endogenous substance that is produced when people are in love. This chemical, found in small amounts in chocolate, stimulates the nervous system and leads to the release of pleasant opium-like compounds, known as endorphins. Phenylethylamine also stimulates the activity of dopamine, a neurotransmitter directly related to sexual arousal and pleasure. Phenylethylamine acts as a powerful antidepressant for both men and women and its presence in the body increases during romantic periods. The careless, excited feelings we experience when we are in love are largely due to phenylethylamine. Chocolate literally promotes the brain chemistry of infatuation. Admittedly, not everyone who eats your personalized chocolate will fall in love with your company instantly. Individual chemistry plays an important role in how people react to chocolate, as is the case with so much. But do you want to play it safe and boring by giving your customers the umpteenth throw-away, or do you want to take the leap to personalized chocolate and look great in the eyes of your 'in love' customers?


Why do many companies bestow business gifts with a logo to their customers?

Most companies occasionally offer a business gift to their customers. These can be very large customers, smaller customers or sometimes even prospects who are not yet customers. Corporate gifts for customers are an opportunity to give the customer, or customers who contribute to the success of your company, a form of recognition. A nice way to say the old - and too often forgotten in business life - 'Thank you' to your customer. At the same time, a business gift with a logo can be a nice marketing tool.

A business gift translates, in a concrete way, your appreciation for the trust that your customer puts in you. You express that you appreciate the relationship with the customer. But be sure to read the next piece, so as not to 'go wrong' in doing so.

Find out how CandyCard can help you create the perfect business gift in personalized chocolate with a logo (or photo).


Choosing a business gift with a logo is easier than ever, but at the same time more delicate as well. Read why.

Choosing and buying corporate gifts for customers has never been easier, with the availability of products both online and in the wholesale and retail trade. But at the same time, perhaps for this very reason, it has never been so difficult to transcend banality. As a business gift with a logo, we don't want to end up with yet another cheap-looking plastic object that very quickly ends up in the back of a drawer and is forgotten.

Would you like to join us in this exercise? Close your eyes and think about who has given you a business gift with a logo over the past 12 months that you really like. Which you really enjoy. If you're just like 9 out of 10 people we asked to do this exercise, you won't get any further than thinking about a bottle of sparkling wine around the end of the year and some of the rubbish you've given away, because you weren't going to do anything with it anyway.

Maybe they are also lying in your drawer, those innumerable pens, usb sticks and a lot of other business gifts with logo. They completely miss their purpose. Can you still remember? A few lines ago we were talking about expressing a sincere 'thank you customer, I really appreciate the trust you put in us' feeling. And meanwhile we're talking about junk that has been forgotten somewhere.


A business gift with a logo that goes straight to your goal: towards the heart of your customer.

You've known for longer than today, "Love passes through the stomach". That's why CandyCard chocolate as a business gift with a logo is your best choice. Nobody, with any sense of taste, leaves this chocolate untouched for a long time. Let alone perish somewhere in the back of the cupboard. Your customers will taste and eat the chocolate. And you can be 100% sure that they'll be enjoying it. You, or your brand, will continue to be associated with that pleasure and that delight.

Isn't that exactly your double intention when you give a customer a business gift? Expressing your appreciation for the relationship, loyalty and trust, but at the same time ensuring customer loyalty.

Who is not happy to receive chocolate?

Giving chocolate to a business relation or customer is a symbol of care and positivity. From whom have you ever received chocolate in your life? From your parents, your partner, over coffee or on your pillow in the better hotel. Offering chocolate to someone means wishing them all the best. To indicate to that person, customer, business relation or visitor that you care about him or her.

Personalized chocolate, almost exclusively as a business gift with a logo, stands for the gift or the attention in itself, but also communicates an emotion. It triggers a positive emotion. That's why you choose CandyCards as your next promotional gift with a logo for chocolate.


Belgian personalized chocolate, the basis of the most delicious business gift.

As far as the chocolate itself is concerned, we only use the very best Belgian chocolate. So that every piece of the business gift with your logo that you give to someone has an absolutely unforgettable taste.

At CandyCard, we are obsessed with quality and leave nothing to chance.

Home supplier to a number of 'big names'. Companies such as Sheraton, Nissan Belgium, E-Bay Italia and many more have already enjoyed the reputation boost that CandyCard chocolate can give you.

"Even our best young salesman (a guy who never stops talking otherwise) turns quiet thanks to your chocolate."

A wonderful statement from a loyal CandyCard customer that we don't want to deny you. It actually sums up perfectly why you choose CandyCard personalized chocolate as a business gift with a logo.